Yunzhu Pigment Technology Embarks A New Standardization Journey

Date:2021-07-12     Source :Yunzhu Pigment Technology     Hits:

Passion like fire, Shanghai Yunzhu Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. is busy with arrangements for the quality management system training of Good Business Practices. Shanghai Yunzhu, as a brand supplier of raw materials, in order to better serve new and old customers, we shoulder the responsibility to forge ahead, in order to keep up with the requirements of product regulations and high standards of customers overseas. Every moment of our progress becomes imperative. 

July 8 to 9, two days time, yiwu and Shanghai colleagues came to Shanghai two days the whole time in your busy time accept GBP training, aims to use more scientific quality management system to work of various departments to our company strict quality control, and to enhance the quality of our products security and to provide more quality services.

Through the training, we got to know GBP's promotion and operation standards for our Shanghai Yunzhu brand. In class, Mr. Chen explained the system in a simple way, and humorous examples made us understand the framework of the GBP quality management system and have a good grasp of it on the whole. To refine the quality control measures at every level, to ensure the quality management of the enterprise's business process products, to meet the high standards of our customers for our products, so as to achieve a win-win situation. In the process of training, we would have a heated discussion and cognition with the teacher about a certain problem, and we would also brainstorm together for a possible future trend.

The two days of training is just the beginning of our journey. We will continue to forge ahead and scale new heights to further complete the GBP certification and operation. We will take this opportunity to provide more quality products and services for the future to lay a solid foundation.

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