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We are a high-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, joint processing, trade and integration.

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Why Choose Us

Create "Yunzhu" become the symbol of Chinese quality effect pigments

Focus on quality

Shanghai Yunzhu Pigment Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 1998.We are a high-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, joint processing, trade and integration.

Professional team

We have the active, enthusiastic and stable professional service team, which more than 20% of the employees have served Yunzhu for more than ten years. 

Quality assurance

We have a long-term cooperation with well-known enterprises in China and abroad. So the supply is adequate and stable. We offer the personalized customization pigments.

Service support

With the mission of "creating a learning enterprise with great happiness", under the guidance of Yunzhu culture, we are steadily and diligently moving forward.

Industry Application

Our pigments are almost used in all applications

Cosmetic Application

Mica pearlescent pigment is a kind of natural mica sheet sedimentary metal oxide, (titanium dioxide or iron oxide) compound layer which is formed by the body. Its main ingredients mica and titanium, iron oxide after predecessors repeated trials to use, make sure they are very safe to human body....

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Coating Application

Our pearl pigment are widely used in the coating , such as acrylic, nitrocellulose, alkyd, polyester, and other systems. Widely used in vehicle coatings, architectural coatings, furniture coatings, plastic coatings, powder coatings, etc....

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Plastic Application

Our pigments are widely used in PP, PS, PVC, PE, PET, ABS and other plastic processing. It also can be used for the extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, blister, etc. There are more colorful and better luster for our pigments , to give you the best color world....

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Ink Printing Application

Our effect pigments can be used in printing ink, can be used for water-based and solvent-based inks system, have a strong universality. Also its used for the UV curing ink....

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Special Application

As a kind of high decorative effect pigments, they are widely used in other industries, such as making a balloon latex, leather, artificial marble, art candles, paints, body painting pigments, and so on....

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Welcome to Yunzhu

Integrity and Cooperation

Yunzhu Introduction

Be the most happiness of learning type enterprise

Company Profile

In 26 years, we succeed in offering many effect pigment series, such as Natural Mica Pearl Pigment, Crystal Mica Pearl Pigment, Glass Diamond Pearl Pigment, High-performance Chameleon Effect Pigment, Brilliant Silver Effect Pigment, Colorful Aluminum Effect Pigment Series, PET Glitter Pigment, AL Glitter Pigment, Thermochromic Pigment and Light Changing Pigment. ...

We should have a grateful heart. We will try our best to return our working partner and colleagues.Enterprise goal is to improve people who participate in and make their life better, instead of getting the max profit!Therefore, our vision is to create the most happiness of learning type enterprise!

Vision: Create "Yunzhu" become the symbol of Chinese quality effect pigments, and the most happiness of learning type enterprise.Mission: Create a colorful world, share the wonderful life.Core Value: Self-discipline, Integrity, Respect and Harmony.Enterprise spirit: The wild goose spirit - Goals, Cooperation and Persistence. ...

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