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Chameleon Effect Series YZ

Yunzhu chameleon pigment series: “the color of nature art master” chameleon adjusting the nanometer crystal one the surface of the skin, change the refraction of light and create a fantastic color camouflage. Yunzhu chameleon series pearlescent pigment using bionic principle and based on high transparency of the new synthetic mica sheet, through a complex and sophisticated optical computing, combining with the new understanding on the application of the color, the nano sedimentary hydrothermal chemical hydrolysis of sol gel coating process by superposition of multilayer coating technology and accurate control to a variety of metal oxide coated thickness, create a high concentration of color wide and color gamut chameleon pearl pigment. 

Yunzhu high color concentration color change pigment sets the new standard of pearlescent pigment research and development technology. Combine with technology and art perfectly, brings us the simple sense of flow, gorgeous color, opened up a new field of large range of high color concentration chameleon pearlescent pigment. It subverts the gas phase method of oxide deposition based on aluminum process, thin slices of silicon dioxide as the base material can produce the color is rich, simple sense the history of the elegant high-end chameleon pearl pigment., broke the pattern of the big range wide color gamut chameleon pearl pigment exclusive monopoly.