Cosmetic Application

Mica pearlescent pigment is a kind of natural mica sheet sedimentary metal oxide, (titanium dioxide or iron oxide) compound layer which is formed by the body. Its main ingredients mica and titanium, iron oxide after predecessors repeated trials to use, make sure they are very safe to human body. The raw materials used in Cosmetic pearl pigment production were selected carefully, the raw materials of heavy metal detection for mica or other substrate first, only conforming to the standard, the materials can be used in cosmetics pigment production; For other raw materials adopt high purity reagent or food grade raw material, so the products are guaranteed in terms of safety, products have to pass strict examination and at the same time. In addition, in the process of pearl pigment production, in order to expand the pearl pigment chromatography, and make pearl pigment more colorful, sometimes using organic pigments to cladding of pearl pigment, thus producing appearance colorful varieties of pearl pigment. It is well known that organic pigments used in cosmetics has very big limitation, only a handful of organic pigment can be used for cosmetics production, and can only be used in addition to the eye and lip areas, and therefore organic pigment is used to produce cosmetics use pearl pigment is very inappropriate. Now the production of cosmetics for pearl pigment all adopt the INCI list that can be used in the human body parts materials used for production, most of them are inorganic materials, a small amount of use of natural pigment.

The selection of raw materials plays an important role in the cosmetic pigment safety, The advanced production and technology provide more colorful products to our clients. At the same time, strict quality detection provides the guarantee for the safety of the product

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