Coating Application

Our pearl pigment are widely used in the coating , such as acrylic, nitrocellulose, alkyd, polyester, and other systems. Widely used in vehicle coatings, architectural coatings, furniture coatings, plastic coatings, powder coatings, etc. The pearl makes the coating have a deep administrative levels feeling and excellent decorative effect. Besides, it can get a good disperse in oily and aqueous environment.

Instruction and Suggestion

1) Color blending: The selection from the particle size. Different particle size can achieve different luster and coverage effect. And the requirement for the particle size made by the process crafts should be considered. The bigger the particle size is, the better the luster is, the higher transparence can be achieved, even a sparkly effect can be created. The luster of the pigment with smaller particle size is soft, the product’s surface is smooth and the coverage performance is higher. It can’t mix with the opaque pigment, such as titanium dioxide, chromium, iron yellow, iron oxide red pigment series; can work with carbon black and metallic pigment.

2) Wetting, Dispersion and Mixture: in order to make the dispersion easier, we suggest to wet the pearl pigment in advance, and make the pearl paste. Therefore, it can avoid the bubble in the production; We suggest not to adopt the dispersion way with high shear power in the dispersion process to avoid the crystal structure to be destroyed and the final luster effect to be diminished.

3) Suggestions: can use blade coating, roller coating, air spraying, high-pressure airless spraying, electrostatic spraying coating way etc. Before construction, paint should be stirred evenly. In order to ensure the orientation of pearl pigment have a good parallel arranged, we suggest that you can make the coating thin, and there is a interval after the painting.