Yunzhu Pigment Technology Quality Management System In Full Swing Certification

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On Sep 6-7th, 2021, in Yunzhu Pigment Technology meeting room,we attend "Good Business Practices Quality Management System" course at 9:30, these two days are very critical,which we Yunzhu Pigment Technology certification really began to implement the document system form, from the first quality management system certification cognitive training, to the current practical operation, From the first stage of the whole company to understand the quality management system ideas to the second stage of the whole company to participate in the formulation and trial operation. 

First day on September 6th, after listening to the teacher with the introduction of the entire file system, we have a big framework of cognition, the teacher explains carefully, we listen carefully, after class we are download courseware, can't wait to open their department that part, to our company at present the company policies, procedures, post responsibility and quality management system certification, the gap between We are preparing how to better consult relevant questions the next day. The teacher has very limited time, so we will try to spend our time on the most effective part to get familiar with and master it faster. 

On the second day of training, speech enthusiastically, discuss and consult became the main melody of the second day of class, in the course of the day, we begin with the concept of fuzzy, to a more clear understanding to the contents of that part of their work, to a file, a primarily terms and conditions of the filter, the next step for us two weeks trial run laid a solid foundation. 

Shanghai YunZhu Pigment Technology Co., LTD. as a professional cosmetic effect pigments suppliers, our self-improvement, keep in this area, self the same high standards of transcendence of thinking in better service your cosmetics, we in the second phase of the quality management system training, has moved from ideology into action, Take a solid and effective step, we will advance in an orderly way, to become not only a qualified supplier, but to become an excellent and trustworthy supplier to you. 

Trust starts from me, trust starts from quality management system certification! 

Create a colorful world and share a wonderful life! 

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